We have thousands of satisfied customers coming to us from several places across the US for their Skin treatments. Out of the many testimonials and reviews we get, we have tried to compile a list of few of them.

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I have been going to Lumiere’s for quite some time now, and have nothing but good to say about the place. The work is professional and high-quality, the staff is polite and kind, and the timing is precise. I highly recommend this place.
– Branda Miyor-

I am on my 5th legs and 3rd underarms Laser Hair Removal at Lumiere Skin and Laser. I’m pretty happy with the results so far, but can’t wait to see the final results.

I like the staff at the salon. They are very friendly and always make sure you are comfortable and very well taken care of.
– Marishka

I think LUMIERE is the only place anyone should go for any skin treatment! I have been going to the same person for the past 7 years and I don’t have one bad thing to say. They make the environment very comfortable and relaxing. As soon as you step in you are always welcomed with a smile and a sweet hello. Def with recommend Lumiere to anyone that would want any treatment
– Aksa-

One of the BEST DECISION I have ever made was to go to Lumiere for my Laser treatments. No pressure sales, simple posted prices, no games, a full body promo which has no expiry date as of now, a variety of (I think 6 different ones) latest and most effective laser machines, instead of one machine one technology treats all. Extremely courteous, ALL FEMALE laser technicians that made me feel comfortable and offered FULL PRIVACY. I verified that all of the employees there are equally trained and qualified, and found out that they have to be either a licensed nurse or a licensed master esthetician. Their policy of rotating or not guaranteeing the same technician does not bother me, in fact it gives each one of them an incentive to strive for doing better and consistent with their laid out standards rather than having favorites. They informed me that every treatment detail is noted in the record and the following treatment is accordingly adjusted by the technician. I have had 3 treatments there and my hair is almost ALL GONE. I am pretty sure I may still need a couple more.
– Liz-

I am very very very satisfied with my first experience at Lumiere. I have been receiving laser treatments for more than 6 years, and I found the technician at Lumiere to be the most knowledgeable and honest about laser. When I went for my consultation, she was patient and did several test spots with different lasers because I was concerned about an adverse reaction. She did not pressure me AT ALL, unlike the so-called “med spas” I have tried in downtown dc. The location is clean, comforting, and professional.
– Samantha Smith-

First of all i would like to say that lumiere is one of the best laser place so far.The Staff is great and caring.and the receptionist are so sweet. the prices are so reasonable unlike other places where you have to pay more than 2,000 something dollars. anyway the treatments have really work for me.im tanned, so they have the Yag laser to work with my skin tone.and wih one treatment i saw results! and now im on my 3rd treatment i could not be more happy. im ready for the summer and to all those complainers, if you say you have done more than 10 treatments already..maybe permanent laser hair reduction isnt just for you. thats why its called Permanent hair Reduction. you should really read the WHOLE form. Thank you… and for everyone else if you really want to see results with affordable pricing LUMIERE is the place to go!!!!
– Matina Keller-

I love lumiere !!! its the best place to get your laser hair removal. The place is soooo clean and the staff is really nice. This upscale spa is much better than any other I’ve been to. The others lure you in and then hit you with their HIGH prices but they will even give you their prices over the phone! So worth it!!!
– Sofia J-

Wonderful place to go for laser hair removal! They have very advanced technological equipment, and a very nice staff! I have had two different people perform my laser services and both were fantastic!!! Highly recommended…the prices are amazing as well.
– Paula-


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